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Royal Books

Royal Books, Baltimore, MD

Baltimore is famous for Edgar Allan Poe,  its port and the Orioles, but we'd also like to add Royal Books to that list.

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Some Royal Treasures

John Updike - Rabbit, Run

Rabbit, Run
John Updike

1960 First Edition

Evan S. Connell - Mrs. Bridge

Mrs. Bridge
Evan S. Connell

1959 Hardcover first edition

Ronald Reagan - An American Life

An American Life: The Autobiography
Ronald Reagan

Signed by Reagan

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Collectible Railroad books on AbeBooks.

Collectible Train Books

We are all familiar with the Bullet Train, the Flying Scotsman and the Orient Express, but the genre of collectible railroad and train books extends far beyond the famous names. Discover long forgotten books about rail travel in Australia, Britain, Egypt and the far flung corners of America.

They showcase feats of engineering, regional history, iconic photography and a mode of transport that shaped modern society.

All Aboard Collectible Railroad Books


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Calculation der Tabularum Sinuum
Calculation der Tabularum Sinuum
Simonis Stevini

Motte & Bailey Booksellers
(Ann Arbor, MI, U.S.A.)

1628. Contains the first parts of Stevin's work on trigonometry translated into German.

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To The Mountains of the Moon by Clement Clarke Moore
Love Night, a Laotian Gallantry
Powys Mathers

Roz Hulse Ltd.
(Trefriw, Conwy, Wales)

1936. #70 of 75 - Limited Edition. 15 woodcut engravings by John Buckland Wright and an extra set of plates.

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